How to measure your aquarium before getting a 3d aquarium background

If you plan to order a 3d background for your fish tank firstly you need to measure your tank inside NOT outside. The aquarium background goes inside your tank and it has to be smaller than your internal tank dimensions. Aqua Maniac’s 3d Backgrounds are made from polyresine which is NOT flexible material. You can’t bend the background.
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➑️ Measure the length/width at the top inside your aquarium and write down the measurement in cm
➑️ Measure the height from bottom/glass to the upper edge of aquarium and write down the measurement

➑️ If you have a crossbar measure from bottom up to the bottom of crossbar

➑️ If you have the crossbar, you will need a background in 2 sections. We cut the background in the middle and provide you with connecting clips mounted behind each section.